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Main results

Investigations of the influence of the electronic structure on the nuclei configuration and dynamics were crowned with the discovery entitled „The effect of tunnel cleavage of energetic levels of polyatomic systems in the state of electronic degeneration”.
Important also were the developments in the theory and practice of the template synthesis of coordination compounds of transition metals with organic ligands of chelating and macrocyclic type, amongst which compounds of practical utility were marked out.
Original methods were devised related to the synthesis of new coordination compounds of biometals with polyfunctional ligands, including compounds with significant antitumor antiviral, anti-chlorosis activity, as well as compounds with psychotropic properties.
The scientific school in the field of natural compounds chemistry, founded by the institute, is a leader in the study of superacidic cyclization of terpenes. The laws of this reaction were established for various classes of terpene compounds (alcohols, their acetates, acids, esters, phenyl sulphones etc.).
Technologies of the production of activated carbon from vegetal by-products were elaborated to be used for the detoxification of human body, for treatment of waste waters, of surface and ground waters.
Most valuable findings

Coordination compounds with various useful properties: polynuclear compounds of Cr(III) as molecular magnets, catalysts of technological and biotechnological processes, macrocyclic colorants for plastics and synthetic fibres; new compounds for obtaining extra-pure metals, compounds for ion selective electrodes; agents for anticorrosive coating and protection of metals.
Coordination combinations with anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, anticoccide, antidote properties; growth regulators for plants and algae.
Odorant products, aromatizers and biologically active products based on natural terpenes, used in tobacco processing, perfumery, medicine.
Methods of obtaining organic substances with psycho-stimulating, anticonvulsant, sedative, tranquilizing, antimycotic effects; of regulators of cardiac activity; compounds with significant tuberculostatic activity.
Procedures of obtaining and regenerating activated carbons from vegetal waste; medicinal preparations on the basis of activated carbons, catalysts and adsorbents for the purification of ground and surface waters.
Efficient methods of dosing heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Cd, Fe, Ni, Zn, and Mo) in foodstuffs and environmental objects.
           New preparations from grape seeds for medicine, veterinary and agriculture.
New compositions for covering the interior walls of buildings.