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Institutional projects

    During 2015-2018 Institute of Chemistry will perform scientific researches within 8 institutional projects in the following programs:
- The 16.02 Program. Fundamental scientific researches in strategic direction "Materials, technologies and innovative products":

1. Mono- and polynuclear coordination compounds of metals (transition and s-type) as photocatalyst, porous and nanostructured materials for water photolysis as components of energetical security. Project manager:  dr. Vasile Lozan;

2. Study of mechanisms of chemical reactions, electronic structure and physico-chemical properties of transitiom-metal coordination compounds and nanoparticles A2B6. Project manager: dr. Natalia Gorincioi.

- The 18.02 Program. Applied scientific researches with general purpose in strategic direction "Materials, technologies and innovative products"

Controlling of sorption-structural characteristics of carbonaceous and mineral adsorbents and multifunctional materials for the purpose of their use in practice. Project manager: acad. Lupaşcu Tudor;

2. The short and long term stability and quality control of ecological systems in the Republic of Moldova. Project manager: dr. hab. Povar Igor.

Assembly and study of transition metal complexes based on polyfunctional and macrocyclic ligands useful for agriculture, food industry and advanced biotechnologies. Project manager: dr. hab. Bulhac Ion;

Elaboration of methods for obtaining valuable terpenoids by valorization of renewable resources from Republic of Moldova. Project manager: dr. hab. Ungur Nicon;

 Water as medium for chemotherapeutic substances construction. Project manager: dr. hab., prof.  Fliur Macaev;

6. The complex study of geological environment for prevention of pollution and rational utilization of mineral resources. Project manager: dr. Oleg Bogdevici.